Ethical Challenges in Short-Term Global Health Training

This course consists of a series of ten cases to introduce trainees and others involved in global health research and service to ethical issues that may arise during short-term training experiences abroad.

Each is adapted from an actual scenario. Names, locales and other details have been changed to protect privacy and help meet learning objectives. For more information about the case series, click here.

We recommend that you complete the cases in order. You can navigate the site using the navigation bar at left and the “Next” button on each page.

Following each case, we ask you to complete 5 brief survey questions. Doing so will allow you to print a Certificate of Completion for that case.


Course Objectives

  1. Demonstrate increased awareness of ethical issues involved in short-term global health programs abroad;

  2. Identify strategies for dealing with these ethical issues as they arise;

  3. Display increased confidence in their ability to navigate these issues; and

  4. Report anticipated and actual changes in their behavior during their training program abroad.

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